If You’re From Georgia, This Will Be A Highlight Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

You haven’t seen Georgia from here before.

The World From Above flies around from state to state delivering aerial views from vantage points you’d never imagine.

They decided that Georgia needed their magic carpet treatment and they do not disappoint. Get ready for a ride around Georgia that’ll make your day.

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13 thoughts on “If You’re From Georgia, This Will Be A Highlight Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

  1. This is beautiful! I think it would be really great to add in location titles for each shot…both for visitors and for those who may have never seen that part of the state.

    1. That was the same thing I thought. I’m a 59 year old GA native but my wife of two years is from Iowa. I didn’t know for sure what each view was and couldn’t keep up trying to tell about the ones I did know. Either captions or narration would be great. Super video.

  2. I am from Chickamauga and would also like to have seen some of the N Ga area Mountains and parks as well. The Chickamauga Battlefield Park is amazing. I have a question about one of the areas I am not familiar with. Its the scene at 1:10. Can anyone tell me what this is.

    1. Mark Sosebee, the area at 1:10 in the video is the Etowah Indian Mounds in Cartersville, GA, northwest of Atlanta.

  3. Beautifully done! Thank you very much. Although I recognized many of the scenes, I wish they were identified in some non interfering manner.

  4. Agree witht he above comments about locations and identification. Have to wonder why the St Mountain carving is always included. Didn’t recognize the Okeefenokee swamp in the video. Or farmlands which are such a part of our state. Still a beautiful video. Nice shot of the Cumberland dunes.

  5. I love Georgia, this is my home. I have fished the upper Chattahoochee for trout in the hot summer just to cool off. I lived in Toccoa, Ga. for nine years and then migrated to Hall county above Gainesville, Ga. and lived for a number of years. I’ve lived in Georgia 38 years now and it is now home to me. Georgia has lots of amenities to offer the adventurous at heart. Truly a beautiful state!!! The video represents it well…

  6. Beautiful. Knew where most were from but I’d love to have the areas marked. People not from Georgia and some from this beautiful state may not know everywhere.

  7. Would not want to live in any state but Georgia! We are blessed with so much beauty! Thank you for the amazing video!

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