These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Virginia

We used science to determine which places in The Old Dominion are the real pits.

Is Virginia a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Commonwealth that are lousy.
In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in Virginia are located, we had to measure everything from crime, meth use, the local economy and even the public school funding.
The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In Virginia. Enjoy the video below.
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27 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Virginia

  1. This guy’s a hack who knows nothing about Virginia. I’ll wager that he’s never even set foot in any of the cities/towns he’s talking about. He talks about lowest home value. What’s wrong with that? I could take my $175,000 Henry County home and drop it in a NOVA suburb and all of a sudden, it’s valued at $600,000. No thank you. I’ll take Martinsville/Henry over the mess that is NOVA any day.

  2. This guy has clearly never visited Virginia or gotten off a main road. Have a look at Haysi, Clintwood, Hurley, Charlotte Court House, Fries, and many other places.

    1. I have worked in Haysi, Clintwood, etc and I would NEVER want to live there. Very depressing places.

  3. this guy is so wrong about Wytheville ,,it has hardware stores clothing stores and a super Walmart all kinds of eating places,,,ifi had a choice Wytheville would be
    my pick to move to..this guy is stupid

    1. I was raised in Wytheville and my father still lives there. It is beautiful, clean and situated in acove of mountains. There is no other place I would pick to live in Virginia. Unfortunately I now live just across the VA, NC line. Talk about nasty!!

  4. I live close to one of the places listed and it is a beautiful part of our Commonwealth.This is a hurtful and nasty posting.I always heard if you can’t say something nice about someone then keep your trap shut!! Homesnacks you should be ashamed. As for dividing us into 2 parts–I’ll keep my SouthWestern part of Virginia any day of the week!!!

  5. My hometown Danville is number one and I have been thinking about moving back there. Giving it a second thought now. Sad

    1. I moved back to Danville after decadesbof being gone. There are now beautiful parks and a river walk, water fountains, new restaurants only found in more boutique cities. I was told by the president of the university where I taught that my $183,000 would be over a million there. Recently, millions were donated to beautify the city with new trees and shrubs. Numerous streets now are lined with mature crepe myrtle. The hold back are the schools and they are not improving. Also. Averett University which should be a major incentive for the city is struggling under weak leadership. If a few changes were made, Danville could emerge into the 21st century.

  6. This guy knows nothing!! Wytheville is a lovely town, great restaurants, a community college, motels, Historical homes, a dinner theatre, a 2 week summer festival …and wonderful people! Ask anyone who has walked our downtown street…and why they return to this beautiful town surrounded by majestic mountains!!

  7. The author must have used the same science that said a hummingbird and bumble been cannot fly. I worked throughout Virginia for 31+ years and he bashes some of the best places in Virginia to live and visit.

  8. Ah yes, Danville. The last capitol of the confederacy and Danvillian’s are proud of it. Why I’m not sure. Danville even warehoused yankee prisoners and buried many of them on a daily basis. It’s also called the city of churches. Why there are even churches across the street from churches without mentioning churches next door to churches.
    Looking for a job! Don’t come to Danville. For a long long time it boasted the highest rate of unemployment in the state. So, who would want to live here? I don’t, but then I’m married to the most beautiful woman from Danville and she has a job putting the many criminals and murderers in jail. God bless her pea pickin’ heart. Ya gotta love it. So I like Danville (not really) and here I’ll stay.

  9. Each day in the Wavy News headlines, there is shootings, dead people found on the street/in cars, house invasions….EACH DAY. Look at the pr…. pictures committing these crimes! The Hampton Roads area is well overrated just because it is a military town. But once the entire clan moves here from say…Detroit….what do you think happens?? I had some sc.. b.. walking around my property looking for the entrance to a private lake to fish(even though I have a fence and sign “NO TRESPASSIN”….imagine where this guy came from? Everything is high prices just because of the reason stated above. If this was a normal town, it would be so run down like Detroit. The crime in Virginia Beach is hidden so the tourist still come to the beach. In 4 years living here, I was robbed 3 times!! Can’t wait to go to Washington State where I have my peace and quiet.

  10. Newport neww and Norfolk are by far tge worst at the momment. Its been a lot of shootings from gangs and kids getting killed

  11. My hometown is Halifax County. It has beautiful plantations, historic areas and good people that choose to make their homes there. Every community has good and bad. My mother was born in Danville and I still have family there. Although I no longer live in VA, I return often with my pit bull. Being negative about certain areas in VA is one thing, but bringing pit bulls, my dog of choice into the discussion, portraying them negatively is wrong. Where are you from and didn’t you Mother teach you better manners?

  12. Oh my goodness! This guy is crazy! I live in Wytheville! I moved here from Northern VA and it is so nice here. Slower pace, quiet, beautiful, peaceful, no traffic, no noise, everyone is so nice, friendly and will give you the shirt off their back. Everyone waves to you whether they know you or not. There are great restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, a wal mart supercenter, etc. Just not so much that you are overwhelmed. And Christiansburg is only an hour away. It isn’t very expensive to live here either. Taxes are low, police dept is awesome, and there are jobs if you are willing to work. If I wanted city life, I would have stayed in Northern VA!

  13. Yep – this guy is making “videos4views” without really knowing what he is talking about. Let’s just start with him pronouncing “Tazewell” as though the Taze part was pronounced as taser is. Wrong. It’s pronounced Taz, as though the “e” is not there.
    Marion? Wythville? Both charming little towns the former with a beautifully restored historic theater and Wytheville the town everyone in SW Virginia heads to when they want a nice meal at a quaint restaurant.
    Richlands? I wish I could provide the link, but I saw it recently on one of those “Best Places To Live” lists.

  14. We have lived in Danville since 1974, (from near Youngstown, Ohio)I have to say I’d rather be in Danville than anywhere else. You are going to find drugs and crime in any city when you have a loss of jobs, at least it’s not Detroit. Yes, t Norfolk area would have to be the area that is the worst if you ever traveled around the state. Richmond and Norfolk would be some of the worst places to live outside of the DC beltway. Danville has the best weather year after year, some of the states best scenic areas within an hour drive, and proximity to some of the best colleges with some of the number one rated sports teams. When you are choosing places to live, you need to take in all factors, his facts and figures have to be flawed, if he in fact used them at all….I call BS on this story….

    1. Yes, this “research” is bull crap. It’s just a novelty item. Interesting that so many of the worst cities are southwest, or southeast. It’s just something to create a disturbance, or celebration, or dismay. I live in Martinsville VA.

  15. I don’t believe all I read and hear. We have lived in Portsmouth 75 years and love living here.

  16. I was born in Danville hospital and raised in Chatham mostly but I was raised in Henry and Patrick County, but I consider Chatham Va my home. Wonderful people and would give you the shirt off their back. I may have lived a lot of places but Chatham will always be home.

  17. How can you defend Martinsville? The City has been dying for over a decade, and its primary income began to be the opiate trade.
    Why is a house in NoVa more expensive than Martinsville? Because Martinsville has trash for most schools, trash for most neighborhoods, and no jobs.
    It’s *smart* for people to run from there. Sadly, most cannot.

  18. There are so many untouched, green places in Virginia that should STAY that way. People of Virginia, do not let developers do to your area what they did to McLean and Tyson’s Corner, VA: concrete jungles! It is truly awful what these developers do if they are left unchecked. Reston and Vienna are trying to hold them back; I pray they succeed. I know some areas of Virginia need more development and jobs. I will continue to pray for all of you; I know that is not much condolence, perhaps.

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