THE 10 MOST Liberal Cities In America For 2020

We looked at recent voting records to see which cities in America are the most liberal.

Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2020. This is our fourth time ranking the most liberal cities in America.

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It seems like politics is everywhere now in American life. From the constant 24 hr news cycle to the conversations, everyone has an opinion on everything now a days.
On the bright side, you hold the power to change things with your vote. And these cities voted…
For liberals.
Specifically, we wanted to know – which cities in America are bastions of liberal thought? Put differently, which cities have the highest number of liberal voters.
Turns out Berkeley, CA is the most liberal city in America — not a huge surprise, but not our guess of San Francisco.
After analyzing every single city in America with a population greater than 100,000 — a total of 306.

If you’re wondering, Tyler, TX is the most conservative city of all in America.
And to be clear, we didn’t form this list based on our own biases — we relied on the cold hard data. For more on how we ran the numbers, keep on reading. Then we’ll take a closer look at each of our top 10 most liberal cities in the good ole US of A.
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The 10 Most Liberal Cities In America For 2020

Berkeley, CA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 120,926
Percent Democrat: 78.1%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $222.8
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 1.39
More on Berkeley: PhotosData

Review Of Berkeley by HomeSnacks User

Berkeley welcomes all homeless, does nothing to dissuade transient crime, bums are deeply comfortable strewing their trash and feces all over the streets and have taken over downtown.

Berkeley is the perfect college town! There are so many amazing places to eat and hangout, and the weather is usually pretty nice.

Berkeley is a wonderful city full of an interesting, open-minded and intelligent group of people. The city is very culturally diverse and open to accepting anyone from anywhere. The food scene is to die for and if organically grown is what you live by, look no further than Berkeley grocery stores, farmers markets and more.

San Francisco, CA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 870,044
Percent Democrat: 84.5%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $281.09
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.34
More on San Francisco: PhotosData

Review Of San Francisco by HomeSnacks User

I have a love/hate relationship with San Francisco. This city is filled with possibilities and fortune but it’s also a place where a lot of people become hopeless and homeless.

The things that stand out the most is the homeless crisis. How do we help the ones that want help- How do we accurately help the ones that want to start a new life and better themselves-

Oakland, CA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 421,042
Percent Democrat: 78.1%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $73.69
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.47
More on Oakland: PhotosData

Review Of Oakland by HomeSnacks User

To everybody thinking about moving to Oakland : It’s dreadful, horrible chaos. Please just stay where you are.

Actually, Oakland s a wonderful place to live. We just don’t need any more people here. Really.

Bad: weather. Bad: diverse, fun population. You’ve been warned. Lol

Arlington, VA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 231,803
Percent Democrat: 75.8%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $111.14
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.37
More on Arlington: PhotosData

Pasadena, CA

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 141,246
Percent Democrat: 71.8%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $81.44
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.5
More on Pasadena: PhotosData

Boulder, CO

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 107,360
Percent Democrat: 70.3%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $174.4
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.91
More on Boulder: PhotosData

Review Of Boulder by HomeSnacks User

Boulder is a very unique place – lots of liberal idealism. People live in a somewhat unrealistic world where everyone is equal, everything will be fair if you just fight hard enough, and a gallon of milk is supposed to cost $5. The crime is relatively low, marijuana and drug use is extremely high, and the public school system is fantastic. Architecture and art are incredible; social scene and activities are plentiful – there is always something to do or something to see.

Pearl Street Mall and all of Downtown Boulder is extremely fun, hip, and fast-paced. However, this is also where almost all of the homeless population resides. The Boulder Reservoir has a great swim beach and is fantastic for killing a few hours during the summer. Hiking trails abound, Chatauqua Park is a great option with trails of varying difficulty for any hiker.

Sunnyvale, CA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 152,323
Percent Democrat: 72.7%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $74.19
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.38
More on Sunnyvale: PhotosData

Alexandria, VA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 156,505
Percent Democrat: 75.6%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $74.64
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.28
More on Alexandria: PhotosData

Review Of Alexandria by HomeSnacks User

Alexandria is a wonderful place to live and is one of the best places to find a charming, suburban community so close to downtown washington DC. It is an expensive place to live but it has a strong community, many activities for families, and plenty of amenities.

The Del Ray neighborhood is a wonderful and quaint place to visit a farmer’s market or get a delicious bite to eat. Old Town is vibrant and filled with excellent food and shopping options.

Durham, NC

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 264,310
Percent Democrat: 77.7%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $52.32
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.35
More on Durham: PhotosData

Review Of Durham by HomeSnacks User

Durham has been a great place to live for the past 5 years.

There are two clear sections to it from my perspective, downtown and mid-burbs.

Downtown you can walk to everything and they are building it up like crazy.

The mid-burbs are still part of Durham, feel like the suburbs, not walking friendly, but safer and more kid friendly.

You can always park wherever you drive, so it’s more of a lifestyle choice than anything else.

Portland, OR

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 639,387
Percent Democrat: 73.3%
$ Democrat Amount Per Capita: $41.47
# Democrat Contributions Per Capita: 0.4
More on Portland: PhotosData

Review Of Portland by HomeSnacks User

Every time I visit Portland I am reminded of how much I love it. The atmosphere ia always vibrant and the people are so nice! There are so many things to do that you will never be bored.

Breweries on every corner. I love to go from brewery to brewery and taste all the different beers. Portland is the epitomy of melting pot. There are so many diverse groups and fron that comes a large market of ethnic foods. You can find any ethnic food you can think of.

How we determined the most liberal cities in America for 2020

We started by making a list of every city in America over 100,000 people based on the 2014-2018 American Community Survey (The most recent data). That left us with 306 big cities.

We then measured the voting record and donation data to determine which cities lean the most rightward in their allegiances by:

  1. Percentage Of Registered Democrats
  2. # Of Contributions To Democrats Per Capita
  3. $ Amount Contributed To Democrats Per Capita

Next, we ranked each city from 1 to 306 for each of the criteria where number one was the most liberal.
The winner, Berkeley, CA, is “The Most Liberal City in America For 2020”. You can download the data here.
Let’s go through these Liberal places, shall we?

Summing Up All The Liberal Snowflakes

Well there you have it, the big cities in America that have the highest number of liberals per capita, with Berkeley, CA ranking as the least conservative in the entire country.
If you’re curious, here are some of the most conservative cities in America:

  1. Wichita Falls
  2. Abilene
  3. Lubbock

For more reading, check out:

List Of The Most Liberal Cities In America For 2020

City Rank Population % Liberal
Berkeley, CA 1 120,926 78.1%
San Francisco, CA 2 870,044 84.5%
Oakland, CA 3 421,042 78.1%
Arlington, VA 4 231,803 75.8%
Pasadena, CA 5 141,246 71.8%
Boulder, CO 6 107,360 70.3%
Sunnyvale, CA 7 152,323 72.7%
Alexandria, VA 8 156,505 75.6%
Durham, NC 9 264,310 77.7%
Portland, OR 10 639,387 73.3%
Bellevue, WA 11 142,242 69.8%
Cambridge, MA 12 115,665 65.3%
Madison, WI 13 252,086 70.4%
Seattle, WA 14 708,823 69.8%
Ann Arbor, MI 15 120,641 67.6%
St. Louis, MO 16 311,273 78.7%
Boston, MA 17 679,413 78.4%
Santa Clara, CA 18 126,209 72.7%
Sandy Springs, GA 19 105,411 67.7%
Glendale, CA 20 200,372 71.8%
Los Angeles, CA 21 3,959,657 71.8%
San Mateo, CA 22 104,035 75.7%
Santa Rosa, CA 23 181,038 68.8%
Fort Lauderdale, FL 24 178,783 66.1%
Columbia, MD 25 103,663 63.3%
Tallahassee, FL 26 190,180 59.8%
New York, NY 27 8,443,713 79.5%
Richmond, CA 28 109,340 67.5%
Atlanta, GA 29 479,655 67.7%
Austin, TX 30 935,755 65.8%
Denver, CO 31 693,417 73.7%
Davie, FL 32 103,132 66.1%
Thousand Oaks, CA 33 128,481 54.6%
Yonkers, NY 34 199,745 64.9%
Cary, NC 35 163,266 57.4%
Raleigh, NC 36 457,159 57.4%
Stamford, CT 37 129,026 57.9%
Hillsboro, OR 38 104,730 56.9%
Hayward, CA 39 158,241 78.1%
Carlsbad, CA 40 113,670 56.3%
Concord, CA 41 128,758 67.5%
Minneapolis, MN 42 416,021 63.1%
Pittsburgh, PA 43 303,587 55.9%
Chicago, IL 44 2,718,555 73.9%
Lansing, MI 45 116,699 59.9%
San Jose, CA 46 1,026,658 72.7%
Renton, WA 47 101,054 69.8%
Baltimore, MD 48 614,700 84.7%
Columbia, MO 49 120,248 49.0%
Pomona, CA 50 152,494 71.8%
Eugene, OR 51 165,997 53.5%
Columbia, SC 52 133,352 64.0%
Fort Collins, CO 53 162,511 47.5%
West Palm Beach, FL 54 108,365 56.2%
Burbank, CA 55 104,275 71.8%
Naperville, IL 56 147,411 53.1%
Philadelphia, PA 57 1,575,522 82.3%
New Haven, CT 58 130,529 54.2%
Miami, FL 59 451,214 63.2%
High Point, NC 60 111,035 58.0%
Kent, WA 61 128,057 69.8%
Torrance, CA 62 146,392 71.8%
Enterprise, NV 63 164,314 52.4%
Centennial, CO 64 109,505 52.8%
Gainesville, FL 65 130,790 58.3%
Kansas City, MO 66 481,417 55.5%
Mcallen, TX 67 141,597 68.1%
Inglewood, CA 68 110,327 71.8%
Providence, RI 69 179,435 57.5%
Richmond, VA 70 223,787 78.6%
St. Paul, MN 71 302,760 65.1%
Dallas, TX 72 1,318,806 60.2%
Sacramento, CA 73 495,011 58.0%
San Diego, CA 74 1,401,932 56.3%
Cincinnati, OH 75 300,357 52.7%
Sugar Land, TX 76 118,182 51.4%
Costa Mesa, CA 77 113,198 50.9%
Scottsdale, AZ 78 246,026 44.8%
Paradise, NV 79 233,689 52.4%
Irvine, CA 80 265,502 50.9%
Birmingham, AL 81 212,021 51.6%
Hollywood, FL 82 151,056 66.1%
Cleveland, OH 83 387,398 65.4%
Des Moines, IA 84 215,932 51.7%
Orlando, FL 85 275,690 59.8%
Long Beach, CA 86 468,883 71.8%
Reno, NV 87 242,633 46.4%
Orange, CA 88 139,873 50.9%
Richardson, TX 89 114,402 60.2%
Springfield, IL 90 116,459 41.6%
Pompano Beach, FL 91 108,855 66.1%
Las Cruces, NM 92 101,742 53.7%
Westminster, CO 93 112,747 49.9%
Hartford, CT 94 123,628 59.1%
Columbus, OH 95 867,628 59.8%
Pembroke Pines, FL 96 168,260 66.1%
Jackson, MS 97 168,862 71.1%
New Orleans, LA 98 389,648 80.8%
Tucson, AZ 99 539,216 53.3%
El Cajon, CA 100 103,285 56.3%

Liberal Places By State

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10 thoughts on “THE 10 MOST Liberal Cities In America, 2020

  1. Unfortunately being liberal does seem to go hand in hand with a city that has more underprivileged and therefore more crime. However, I would rather chance getting robbed or whatever the case may be e than to surround myself with conservative Bible thumping hippocrits like I am currently in the south. If the conservatives aren’t bad enough, add in the gnats anf the humidity for the perfect mixture of hell on earth for me. I have no real issue with Republicans as a whole and actually relate to their side on many issues. I do, however, have issue with those of the southern states who also claim religion because of their lack of empathy their ignorance and their claim to love Jesus and hate socialism when Jesus and socialism , in this girl’s opinion, go hand in hand. I want to leave here with my family we are desperately trying to find a place to move that isn’t on the west coast due to family here. However, it seems with few exceptions, the southern states and the east coast in general will always be more consevative except of course for new York city anf DC. Before all you conservatives attack me I feel I need to add that, just as too conservative is not good, neither is too liberal. There needs to be a good balance of both

    1. I was born in Texas and grew up in Dallas. I can’t stand it any more! We are thinking of moving back to the east coast. Sick of the rabid republicans and hypocritical evangelicals(have quit the church)

  2. Violent crime, especially gun crime, is much higher conservative locations across the board, while IQ’s are consistently lower. Those are actual facts, rather than the feelings of talk radio hosts bloviated across the airwaves.

  3. How did you not include Washington DC on this list?! 720,000 people live here and only 4% voted for Trump. We are a city in the USA FYI…..

  4. Humm… you can have your own opinions Martin (The Conservative), but not your own facts. The most dangerous cities (Crime and polluted water wise) are in the Most Conservative regions of the country… Memphis, Birmingham, Stockton, Fresno, and most of the Deep South.Yes, Detroit, Baltimore and Oakland are in the top ten…. but where conservative politics rule (i.e. huge differentiation between the haves and have nots), there is greater crime.

  5. seems to be lots of people who sell their souls and brains for the dollar….
    but who wants to hang around the conserves or just run into them at the grocery store…..
    if you sold your soul for money … not bother to visit me….
    live green and learn to work hard……you will sleep better and attract people you want to visit with…..

  6. Dude, where is the motor city??? No one here voted for Trump. And yeah, as someone else pointed out, where, pray tell, is Washington DC??

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