These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Florida

We used science to determine which places in The Sunshine State are the real pits.

Is Florida a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Sunshine State that are lousy.
In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in Florida are located, we had to measure everything from crime, the local economy and even the public school funding.
The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In Florida. Enjoy the video below.

After you watch this, check out this hilarious video of the 10 most redneck cities in Florida.

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31 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Florida

  1. Kissimmee can’t be that bad we have the School Of The Arts!!! A school that kids have to apply and audition to! A school that people from all over central Florida have the opportunity to go to if they have the talent and intelligence! We have the Loop, a super nice shopping area with really nice restaurants, they re did the Lake Front and it’s beautiful! And there’s so many new places opening up where people have job opportunities, and 192 goes way past Kissimmee there’s crappy hotels all down 192 that aren’t just in Kissimmee. Kissimmee can’t possibly be #1 I don’t care what this video says! We have Gaylord Palms for crying out loud and Celebration and Hunters Creek(voted #22nd best place to live in America).

  2. Dont know about the rest of the pics ( a lot looked the same), but the “B” roll at the end had snow on the ground….moron!

    1. Tampa is worst….
      To much in streets looking change to buy beers & drugs
      Shopping sucks..winn dixie left area too…
      New store fronts ….no ones coming into area…
      Need supermarket, petshop ..need fruit and veggies here.

  3. A: Learn to at least pronounce the city’s names right.
    B: Interesting you focus mainly on minority neighborhoods.
    C. Who crunched your numbers and made the decision on the rankings?
    D. No mention of graduation rates, number of churches, civic involvement.
    E. Looks like you used “Google Map” Images of the most depressed parts of those communities.
    Not a “Bad” effort, but I’ll bet there are a lot of very proud residents there who would disagree with your conclusions. And by the way, there is a racist tinge to the fact so many of those communities are predominantly minorities. NOT saying it’s from YOU and could be intentional red-lining. But its’ still a little disconcerting.

    1. Minority neighborhoods are typically the poorest which equates to crime ridden! All you have to do is to use the crime statistics without considering racial makeup, and inevitably it will highlight minority areas, like it or not.

  4. I agree with most people on these comments: Kissimmee CANNOT be #1. Again, like any other city in the U.S., Kissimmee has its bad parts and its good parts. Sure, 192 isn’t the greatest, but is not as bad as other major corridors in other cities; especially those cities who have gone bankrupt. I’ve been living in Kissimmee for 17 years now, and I’ve had no problems when it came to major crime. Most of the crime here is minor and is due to the city being a high-tourist area; like Orlando. Which by the way, Orlando has a higher crime rate than Kissimmee, but because it has wealthier people and nicer neighborhoods, it didn’t make it on the list. And as for the people who live on the motels along 192, for those of you who don’t know, those are individuals who have arrived recently from Puerto Rico and have no families or friends to stay with until their lives get stabilized. Those individuals are not indecent people who are involved in drugs or prostitution, they’re just families going through a TEMPORARY stage in their lives until they get better living conditions. And projects??? What projects is this fool talking about? As far as I’m concerned, there are no projects in Kissimmee, they’re called apartments. Is just so happens that in these apartments lower-income people live, but they’re NOT projects. Also, this fool never mentioned the really nice brand new lower income communities that were built on East 192 and besides the Loop. I bet this fool doesn’t even live in Florida….

    1. Right on with your comments Mr. Pagan. I thought the same thing about a little bit of racism. The only thing I would add to this and has gotten worse is traffic. I’ve been here since 98, moved from Lakeland, originally brooklyn two years before and it was so nice to go from point A to B in a few minutes, now it could take an hour to get around. I think its a beautiful place and that’s why people move here.

  5. Oh for heavens sake. I have seen really bad places in Florida. I think this is biassed and the pictures do not make justice. I would not live in Kissimmee but I would not die if I have to for a while. Further down are really horrible places with really nothing to do. Viscious and boring to death towns further south. And ugly as hell.

  6. I moved to Florida (west coast near Port Charlotte) from Ohio three years ago and, as with most things, there are ups and downs. The cost of living is great – with no state income tax, reasonable food and gas, low electric bills, no sales tax on food (groceries), as well as cheap housing and property taxes. We also have great beaches and the climate is generally healthier than up north. The price you pay for this? Devastatingly hot summers (mid-May to mid-Sept), no real change of seasons, a very flat landscape, a mediocre school system, lots of traffic because a large percentage of the population is concentrated along the coastlines, and of course, the excitement every summer of being a hurricane target. The crime rate, at least in my area, is very low. So how you see Florida largely depends on what your interests and situation are. The big picture is more important to me than focusing, as the author did, on a few negative aspects of life here. For me, Florida works well.

    1. You are so right, in fact, I think you have the best outlook I’ve read thus far although the crime in Orlando is rising and unfortunately so is the crime in Ocala because of the number of people hiding from arrest from Orlando and Sanford. I had no idea until I did some research recently

  7. Lol is Kissimmee really ranked worse than Pine Hills? That’s a place you don’t even want to go if you don’t live there.

  8. 192 is in the middle of a horrible meth/heroin crisis. Massive amounts of homeless in every wooded area. Come to Kissimmee get killed for .35c

  9. Kissimmee shouldnt be #1!😒 Ive lived in Kissimmee for 18yrs and though I hate this freaking City it’s not as bad as they’re making it seem, Poinciana is worse than Kissimmee Kissimmee is just horrible because of the traffic and 192 has a lot of homeless people but that’s only because there are no homeless shelters in Kissimmee or Poinciana or anywhere around this area and yes there are a lot of roach and crack motels on 192 but they’re full of homeless people (most of them are in that situation just because they could not afford to pay thier rent that has gone up a lot and still goin up & jobs aren’t paying enough to keep up with demand) and people with no jobs that are selling drugs for money, not that I’m excusing it but crime isn’t as bad as he says it is Kissimmee is not dangerous it’s tourist central and police main goal is to take care of the tourists the worst of it is the drug trafficking from motels but people go to them it’s not out on the streets like nothing.. you cant just see it commonly & death rate is not high- if anything Kissimmee is known more for car wrecks then death by crime I’m not saying it’s perfect either because Kissimmee has declined a lot within a few years but I’m just upset that they made Kissimmee #1 it is not that serious… guess I don’t hate it as much as I thought LOL

  10. Some of those places look like Florida, but I saw some place I know from Alabama, and I know I saw SNOW in some shots. Also, some of the trees in the video are native to the north and would not grow that well in the south. Trying to make a point is one thing but adding images of places NOT in Florida that are crime ridden is just wrong. One of the scenes showed a man walking the street and I know for sure that was not Florida the Plates were not of any I have seen in that state.

  11. Y’all forgot about the small town of Wimauma about 20 miles south of tampa. We never had a grocery store untill about 3 yrs ago we got a walmart. Still no lights. Newest building we had was the post office which was built about 40 yrs ago.and you either live in a trailer or an old wooden house.

  12. I hated Kissimmee when I first morbid to Florida. School was crap even though it was A grade Partin Settlement Elementary School with Rebecca Shapiro as a Kingergarten teacher. She let my five year old son walk home from school. The police found him a mile away from the school and the great work they did in telling me it was my fault for letting him walk, um I’m sorry the school is supposed to keep my son safe too and they didn’t give a damn. Was not surprised to find out the assistant principal was arrested for taking part in a drug ring. Wouldn’t live in Kissimmee again.

  13. Dude, The “hole” state?? You have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know where you lived or if you’ve ever even been here but, don’t talk crap about my state especially since you can’t spell and may not be able to read

  14. I lived in Florida from 2000 until July of 2016 … Honestly; I’d love to go back to the Deltona / Orange City / Sanford area …. Just give me the chance !

  15. Hmmmm you state that Florida has low property taxes. WHERE do you live in Florida??? My property taxes are outrageously high!

  16. Tampa should be on that list. Well Tampa is big but ybor is gross and nothing but homeless people and prostitutes crowd the place.

  17. I agree.. Too many people will not look at the whole picture and the Cities are just a bit larger than their own back yard.. Lets see them volunteer to walk the streets that are mentioned in this article at night.. I bet they don’t even make it 100 yards ..

  18. I moved to Florida from Maine. I love it here I live on the west side Tampa Bay area. Every state has good areas and bad areas there is no such thing as a perfect state only state of mind

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