These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In New York

We used science to determine which cities in the Empire State are the real pits.

Is New York a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Empire State that are lousy.
In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in NYS are located, we had to measure everything from crime, the local economy and even the public school funding.
The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In New York. Enjoy the video below.

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34 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In New York

  1. I feel bad for all of the places listed that are suffering economically as well as the crime and education issues, however, please do not pay too much heed to a website called home snacks. Net when it comes to reliable data. The video said that Rochester was the #1worst place to live and gave some vague statistics but the 7% unemployment rate is wrong per the bureau of labor data I have listed above Rochester has unemployment of 4% and has been declining since 2010 when it was at 8%. Also there has been job growth in Rochester. As for the various remarks about meth in one town and the obvious biased statements about Rochester “forty ounces…gun….raggedy car….” I would not take anything that was said in this video too seriously there are some truths but it is not an objective study and statistics can be slanted for propagandist purposes.

    1. I live in a supposedly “bad” neighborhood in the 19th ward and I love it here. I feel just as safe as if I were on Park Ave except folks here are friendlier. I think Rochester is a great place IF YOU HAVE MONEY. But otherwise it’s difficult to keep your head above water. Rent is ridiculously high for what you get.

      1. I feel the same way. When I heard the address that my fiancé rented out I was very nervous, Genesee is a area I was always told to avoid for living. But it’s actually a nice quiet dead end street with nice neighbors, I won’t be raising my boys here because I’ve never been a fan of Rochester city Schools, but it’s not a bad temporary home until we buy a house. Rochester is nowhere near as bad as it was when I was growing up, it got so bad that my dad moved us to the country before I started Hugh school and since my return all I see is improvement, both physically and socially.its been cleaned up and people respect their home more, and everyone is so much friendlier (unless you go to the REALLY bad areas). Every city and town has their area of shame but we shouldn’t focus on the bad, look at all the good there is now…

      2. Except someone got shot on s plymouth a week or two ago and almost died… Yeah. The 19th ward is safe… Sureee……

  2. Rochester was just listed in another article last week as one of the best places to retire to. I guess depends on who is writing the article. Rochester is a beautiful and nice place with great education and health care.

    1. Rochester IS a GREAT PLACE to live ! Trust me I lived in Syracuse – the armpit of the universe. Rochester is cosmopolitan – non-judgmental, progressive. Cant comment on cost of living RE: retirement. Namaste – David

  3. Our daughter lived in Herkimer for many years and I do not agree with you at all and I am in Rochester frequently. It has many, many cultural events going on much of the time. I’d be happy to live there. Before expressing so many degrading comments, I’d suggest you vacation in each of these towns and you will find that NY is TRULY the EMPIRE STATE. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

    1. Herkimer isn’t too good either… js. I’ve lived in oneida county for 29 years and as beautiful as it maybe it’s still in a downward spiral.

  4. Any of you ever been to Cleveland?? Or Toronto??? Both on a Great Lake which they have capitalized on,both have an awesome downtown. Wake up Rochester!!?!?

  5. You should have listed NYCity as no. 1 as ,the crime rate there is out of site! By the way, Cities like Rochester,and surrounding towns, just went thru a rough transition, due to Kodak& other Companies down sizing!

  6. Uh, yea I am from CNY and this list hits it on the nose. I’m not sure where you guys live that praise the “Empire State”, but I found it to be a dirt hole in many aspects. I do miss the Adirondacks and nature/lakes/rivers, but other than that I would never move back other than visit once in a blue moon. I have talked to friends and they all agree much of NY is officially “gone”. Taxes are very high, illegal drugs are out of control including the heroin epidemic(yes we have a high rate here in Ohio too), job situation sucks and losing them quickly in many NYS cities. I moved away over 14 years ago and it was the best move I have ever did! I found it easier to find a great career here, where in NY I would be working in a factory or distribution center. Yes, the grass is MUCH greener on the other side!

    1. Also, I do want to add that no matter where you live in the U.S., there will be crime and yes we also have some really bad areas. But my point is that CNY and many other parts of NY are failing and needs to be reassessed. I live in a part of Ohio that is booming and reinventing itself over and over again attracting huge Fortune 500 companies that are hiring like crazy. We are becoming like a Austin, Texas, which also attracts huge concerts and similar. If you have the resources, please move and see what other parts of the great United States has to offer!

      1. Former NYer, I am also former NYer in Ohio near Youngstown. What you say is correct. I believe thatthe NY shady government is the problem.

  7. Pfft! maybe the worst neighborhoods in inner-city Rochester are like that, but there are plenty of things to recommend Rochester….I was born here, moved away, and came back. We have arts and culture coming out our ears, folks…Park Avenue Festival, Fringe Festival, Corn Hill Arts Festival, Clothesline Festival, ArtisanWorks, Rochester Museum and Science Center, First Fridays, Party In The Park, Jazz Festival, Celtic Festival, Strong Museum Of Play, Downstairs Cabaret, Memorial Art Gallery, GEVA, Golden Link Folk Festival, Lilac Festival…and that’s just off the top of my head.
    We also have two large universities and three smaller colleges, the brand new and fabulous College Town district of shops and restaurants, Highland Park, Mendon Ponds Park, Powder Mills Park, Genesee Valley Park, and many town parks. We have community theater, Gay Pride Parade, St Patricks Day Parade, Memorial Day Parade, Buffalo Bills training camp, Rochester Rhinos soccer and Rochester Red Wings baseball….
    I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve forgotten. I love it here.

    1. Bravo for your positive comments about my favorite city. I was born in San Francisco and raised in central NY. I’ve lived all over NY, as well as in Germany, NJ and GA. I lived almost four years in Henrietta and fell in love with Rochester. My granddaughter graduated from Nazareth….her husband from R.I.T. They live in Brockport and work in Rochester. My visits to Rochester are always like returning home!

  8. I raised three daughters in Rochester and they had wonderful opportunities. First, it is a multicultural city, Hochstein School of Music provided a music education on a sliding scale that as a single parent I could afford, health care is wonderful, as children they had the chance to sing with the Opera Theater of Rochester on the stage at the Eastman theater, the museums are wonderful, they got a good education they were involved in community sports. I could keep going. I saw the same advantages available for my grandchildren. Do Not believe everything you see on the Internet. Life is what you make of it….no matter where you live.

  9. Dear “Kyle Bome”:
    I am sorry you didn’t enjoy Kingston. Frankly, I feel the same about Western NY–and apparently the author agrees (with me). It’s not a coincidence that most of the most terrifying cities in the Empire State are located there. #Deliverance

  10. Utica ??? what about Rome ( sorry Romans ) ? Curious how County info on all the areas would look and fit in . Also how or did commuters to jobs out of town fit in ( ie Turning Stone ) ? Elmira had prisons mentioned but not Utica . How did the suburbs of the areas fit in to the research ? Were there long term effects of closing psychiatric hospitals ? What about the immigrants in the areas mentioned ? I’m sure the people from all the areas on the list would agree the positives out weigh the negatives ! Checked out your about page ***** Where are all you from ?

  11. I have lived in NY 81 years. Your column should have it’s mouth washed out with soap. Our daughter lived in Herkimer for over ten years with good neighbors and no issues. I live near Rochester and we go there often for concerts. theater and sports. I have never felt afraid there.

  12. If you have lots of money and can live in nice areas and send your kids to private school, yeah any place is nice. But Rochester does experience all the issues they talked about… high unemployment, high crime, low housing values…etc. There are solutions, but folks need to get on board. Namely Casinos.

  13. This video sucks and is so full of blatant biases and stereotypes. Pathetic.
    Born and raised in the suburbs of Rochester with many family members who live within the city. Now live in NYC. People totally love to bash other places. These so-called grear areas of any city will still have men and women beating each other asses but bwcause they are more affluent its easy to play down those facts.

  14. I grew up in upstate New York, about 15 miles outside of Herkimer, way back in the ’50s and early ’60s. Wouldn’t trade that experience for the world, but wow, what a change since then. I left NY following my discharge from the military in the mid-’60s and my parents moved to Florida soon thereafter. My sister and her husband moved to Arizona a few years later and none of us ever looked back, other than at the fond memories of having lived in a once great place. Taxes, taxes, taxes – to support the low-life and illegals in “the city.” Democrat government at its finest. “We’re all in this together, you know.” The winter weather back then wasn’t exactly a disincentive to leaving, either. I eventually became a manager with Microsoft Corp., and one of my engineers, from upstate, had a sign on his desk “Would the last person to leave Rochester please turn off the lights.” When I used to visit my hometown of Dolgeville, it made me sick to see what had happened over the years to this once vibrant little village with its outstanding schools and conservative culture. I no longer visit as it’s far more of a “downer” than an enjoyable reflection on the past.

  15. I watched the video and read the comments. I have to agree with the video. The entire area is quickly becoming depressed. From the lack of sustaining manufacturing jobs to the crime and lets not forget property taxes. But it’s not all bad. If your either on state or federal programs for aid, or employed by one of the colleges, you’re probably doing OK. The problem is that too many people are leaving the area and funds are slowly running out. The social programs are fighting for what ever funds are left.

  16. This is so wrong. I lived in the Rochester suburbs, a block away from Rochester city proper and let me tell you some great things about living in Rachcha:
    You can get anywhere in 15 minutes.
    Great cultural assets: the Memorial Art Gallery, the Rochester Symphony, the Eastman School of Music, not to mention top summer festivals: the Xerox International Jazz Festival is 10 days long and is one of the best in the country
    Great public schools in the suburbs, that is
    Affordable housing in a relatively stable housing market
    Up and coming areas in the South Wedge, Park Avenue, East Avenue
    Yes, sadly there are no jobs and that is why we had to move away, but don’t trash Rochester, it’s the state’s best kept secret

  17. Mountain Dale New York People are not friendly,Clickish,and corrupt.If you are not in the volunteer fire dept drinking beers or in the goverment, DPW, you will not get not help.It is the most corrupt money hungray people will will ever meet

  18. I have been all over the USA. I grew up in upstate New York in the Adirondacks . Lived in Fairfield Connecticut for nine years ,in Jacksonville Florida for nine years . In Asheville North Carolina seven years , I just moved back to the NY in the Adirondacks. Where ever you live is what ever you did to make it a great place to live.
    It’s what we put into our towns or cities that we get back.

  19. There are two cities that belong in the top three, and long ahead of many of those on the list.
    #1 New York City, the welfare and crime capital of New York, highest combined tax rate in the state and possibly the nation!
    #2 Binghamton, which has shrunk in size by 2/3 in the last 75 years, no jobs, high drug use, high welfare, and overpopulated with bars. I was born and raised in Binghamton, and left because of the reasons listed.

    1. Another thing for Binghamton, the closure of the .Bunghamton Psychiatric Center, resulted in the release of mentally ill into the community!

  20. Everything about Shootica is 150% correct. It’s doomed, and doesn’t deserve to be an incorporated city anymore. I only wish Mr. Trump would mandate its dismantling and physical demolition. Send the population to Gitmo; they’re subhuman, impoverished, and will never fit into a prosperous, peaceful society. It’s one of the most terrible, hopeless, depressing places I have ever seen.

  21. Rochester is terrible for retirement! Terrible because housing prices have NOT recovered. Our lovely Victor neighborhood went down in value over $50,000 and never went back up. Rochester city, sucks. Will say, medicine in Rochester far superior to other areas in state. Even suburb hospitals are great. But cost of living, etc….anywhere in NY sucks because we support NYC!

  22. Every city in every state has its slum part, low income section etc. Don’t just single out New York State.

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