The 10 Safest Cities In Wyoming For 2023

The safest cities in Wyoming are Afton and Kemmerer for 2023.

There are many super safe places to live in Wyoming if you know where to look.

The Cowboy State's violent and property crime rates come in lower than the national average, but the state still has some pretty dangerous cities. So you take a look at the list of the safest places to live in Wyoming for 2023 before you pack up the pickup truck.

How did we determine Wyoming's safest places? We consulted the numbers of property and violent crimes per capita for every place with over 2,000 residents. In total, we analyzed 26 Wyoming cities. This is our tenth time ranking Wyoming's safest cities, so trust us when we say that anyone would be lucky to call one of these places home.

Whether you are looking to move to a quintessential wild West type place like Cody, a family-friendly place like Kemmerer, or a place for young professionals like Cheyenne, there is a safe place for everyone.

So, want to know where your kids can play outside safely until the street lights come on in Wyoming? Keep reading.

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Here are the 10 safest cities to live in Wyoming for 2023:

  1. Afton (Homes For Sale)
  2. Kemmerer (Homes For Sale)
  3. Worland (Homes For Sale)
  4. Jackson (Homes For Sale)
  5. Newcastle (Homes For Sale)
  6. Thermopolis (Homes For Sale)
  7. Glenrock (Homes For Sale)
  8. Buffalo (Homes For Sale)
  9. Laramie (Homes For Sale)
  10. Green River (Homes For Sale)

So, what city is the safest place to live in Wyoming? According to the most recent FBI data, Afton is Wyoming's safest place to live.

To learn more about the ten safest places in Wyoming, look below. If you are still looking for your favorite there, head to the bottom for a complete list of towns.

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The 10 Safest Cities In Wyoming For 2023

1. Afton
Afton, WY
Source: Wikipedia User Cfrolander | CC BY-SA 3.0

Population: 2,055
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 0 (safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 145 (safest)
Murders: 0
Murders Per 100k: 0
More on Afton: Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Don't let the antler arch that greets you at the towns entrance scare you, Afton is actually quite safe. Nestled along the Bridger-Teton National Forest on Wyoming's western border, Afton offers a safe environment with small town charm that packs a big punch. Not literally, of course. No fighting happens here; that wouldn't be safe.

There's a true sense of community in this quaint town in the hills. The residents, here, look out for each other. Afton's gold star qualities like the non-existent number of crimes per 100,000 residents, their large number of educated residents, and just their overall safety standards, speaks volumes. With a little over 2,000 residents, the superb quality of life in this little village in Lincoln County is the reason that it is our fourth safest city in Wyoming for 2023, after taking the top spot last year.

2. Kemmerer
Kemmerer, WY
Source: Wikipedia User Bernd00 | GFDL

Population: 2,760
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 36 (third safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 398 (second safest)
Murders: 0
Murders Per 100k: 0
More on Kemmerer: Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Where Wyoming State Road 30 meets Wyoming State Road 189 is Kemmerer. This town, known for its bootlegging stories from the late 1800s, is our secondsafest city in Wyoming 2023.

Kemmerer is also known for its safe, family friendly atmosphere. There is a ton of stuff to do in this little town with only 2792 residents in the middle of nowhere, Lincoln County. They have a boat load of places to shop and dine, and their immaculate parks provide the backdrop for safe, friendly games of basketball, volleyball, and tennis for all ages.

Kemmerer is the kind of place where packages from Amazon won't get stolen from your front porch when you're not home. But, hey, what do you expect from this safe city that is "The Gateway to the West."

Worland, WY
Source: Wikipedia User Sam Beebe | CC BY 2.0

Population: 4,817
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 62 (fifth safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 539 (third safest)
Murders: 0
Murders Per 100k: 0
More on Worland: Data | Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Located within the Bighorn Basin, Worland ranks as the third safest city in Wyoming. Residents had a 1 in 1,605 of being the victim of a violent crime in 2022, a rate considerably lower than the national average. The property crime rate in Worland was also the third safest in the state, so don't worry if you forget to lock your doors here. As a bonus, we also named Worland as the most affordable place in Wyoming, so it's a great spot to get safety for a bargain.

Worland is also home to the Gooseberry Badlands, with plenty of trails along overlooking some seriously unique landscapes.

Jackson, WY
Source: Public domain

Population: 10,932
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 73 (seventh safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 768 (fifth safest)
Murders: 0
Murders Per 100k: 0
More on Jackson: Data | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Jackson, located in Teton County, Wyoming, holds the title of the fourth safest city in 2023, with commendable 73/100k people and 0.0 rates for violent crimes and homicides respectively. The town boasts a property crime rate of 768/100k people, achieving the fifth safest spot for property crimes in the state.

Founded in a valley known to early trappers, Jackson was incorporated in 1914. It now thrives as a tourist destination while maintaining a secure environment for its 10,932 residents. The city's rankings at 7 for violent crimes and 5 for property crimes reinforce its standing as a safe community within Wyoming.

Newcastle, WY
Source: Wikipedia User Acroterion | GFDL

Population: 3,176
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 62 (sixth safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 913 (eighth safest)
Murders: 0
Murders Per 100k: 0
More on Newcastle: Data | Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Newcastle, the county seat of Weston County located at the intersection of U.S. routes 16 and 85 in Weston County, upholds a low crime rate with negligible violent crime instances, no murder records, and 0 robbery cases. The city also boasts a minimal 29 property crime occurrences, which contributes to its status as the fifth safest city in Wyoming.

Newcastle's crime rates per capita, including 62/100k people for violent crime and 913/100k people for property crime, are indicative of its strong focus on safety within a community of 3,176 residents.

6. Thermopolis
Thermopolis, WY
Source: Wikipedia User Jonathan Green | GFDL

Population: 2,691
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 37 (fourth safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 1,077 (11th safest)
Murders: 0
Murders Per 100k: 0
More on Thermopolis: Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Thermopolis, the county seat of Hot Springs County, Wyoming, is known for "The Big Spring" and its location by the Wind River Canyon and Boysen Reservoir. The town's crime stas for 2023 indicate 1 violent offenses, making it the fourth safest in the state for such crimes, and 29 property crimes, ranking it 11th safest lowest. Notably, there were 0 murder cases.

Overall, Thermopolis was the sixth most secure place in Wyoming.

7. Glenrock
Glenrock, WY
Source: Wikipedia User Greg Goebel from Loveland CO, USA | CC BY-SA 2.0

Population: 2,396
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 125 (11th safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 751 (fourth safest)
Murders: 0
Murders Per 100k: 0
More on Glenrock: Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Glenrock, located in Central Wyoming at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is our seventh safest city in Wyoming. This little town on the Deer Creek Tributary is super family friendly and virtually crime free. It is one of the safest places to call home on our list.

Glenrock's overall HomeSnacks snackability score was an 8/10! Not surprising, considering their safety rating and percentage of educated residents both scored 8.5/10. Busy people = less naughty people. If that doesn't say safe, we don't know what does.

There's a reason Glenrock's motto is "Big Enough to Enjoy-Small Enough to Care." The people in Converse County are great and it's super safe in this little piece of heaven in the 307.

Buffalo, WY
Source: Wikipedia User Caveman1949 | CC BY-SA 3.0

Population: 4,567
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 87 (eighth safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 941 (tenth safest)
Murders: 0
Murders Per 100k: 0
More on Buffalo: Data | Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Buffalo is the ideal destination when you're trying find that true western feel with small city vibes. Were not sure if it's where the buffalo roam, but we do know that it's safe enough to let your children roam. And this is definitely one of the reasons it's our eighth safest city in Wyoming.

It might not be Beverly Hills, but this little town with a vibrant downtown scene, unforgettable summer festivals, and year-round fun is just as notable and just as safe. Probably why it's one of the most populous towns at the base of Bighorn National Forest.

Buffalo is known for its low crime and A+ education rating. There is a sense of true community in this little village in Johnson County.

So grab the family, pack up the pick-up, and get a-moving so you don't miss out on any of their safe, family friendly, activities scheduled for 2023.

Laramie, WY
Source: Public domain

Population: 32,009
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 106 (tenth safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 1,252 (13th safest)
Murders: 1
Murders Per 100k: 3
More on Laramie: Data | Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Slap a fluorescent orange safety jacket on this little village in southeastern Albany County and call them safe.

Our ninth safest city in Wyoming, Laramie, is known for its scenic location, low taxes, and educational opportunities. after all, it is the home to the University of Wyoming Cowboys.

The "Gem City of the Plains" is a family friendly, safe Chey-town-burb on the Laramie River that boasts convenient restaurants and stores and an occasional rodeo or two. It's a great place to raise a family. Word on the street is that young professionals are starting to take notice and move their direction. So don't wait, because the word is out.

And if you don't like people peeping through your windows, you don't have to worry because there's plenty of room in Laramie. And if you love nature, it can be found as close as your backyard.

Green River, WY
Source: Wikipedia User Milonica at English Wikipedia | GFDL

Population: 11,435
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 192 (18th safest)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 795 (sixth safest)
Murders: 2
Murders Per 100k: 17
More on Green River: Data | Crime | Real Estate

Overall SnackAbility

Green River scored an 8/10 on our snackability chart to become our tenth safest city in Wyoming.

This is the quintessential little village located in the southwestern corner of the Cowboy State. Not surprising, they received an 8/10 safety score and an 8/10 education score. Safe and smart cowboys! Nice work Green River!

In Berkley they also love to celebrate their long summer nights with safe, family friendly, festivals like their Flaming Gorge Days. Whether it's during the festival's 3-on-3 basketball tournament or at the local coffee shop, nothing says safe like a community that creates opportunities to get to know anything and everything about each other. Just make sure you take the trash out in proper attire because someone is always watching and you wouldn't want to become the talk of Sweetwater County.

Methodology: How we calculated the safest cities in Wyoming for 2023

Safest Cities in Wyoming Graph

While there are surveys and public polls on what cities in Wyoming are the safest, we wanted to rely on something other than speculation and opinion. Instead, we looked at the hard numbers from the FBI's most recent crime report in Wyoming.

Specifically, we used Saturday Night Science to analyze the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, which summarizes the number of property and violent crimes in each city annually. We used two criteria:

  • Violent crimes per capita (murders, assaults, rapes, armed robberies)
  • Property crimes per capita (thefts, burglaries, motor vehicle thefts)

For example, there were 3 crimes committed in Afton, with a reported population of 2,055. That means the number of crimes per capita is 0.0015, which translates into a 1 in 685 chance of being the victim of a crime.

We only looked at Wyoming cities that have populations of more than 2,000. This filter left us with 26 of the biggest cities in Wyoming to rank.

We ranked each city for each criterion from 1 to 26 where 1 in any particular category is the safest.

Next, we averaged each place's two criteria to create a Safety Index. We crowned the place with the lowest overall Safety Score, "The Safest Place In Wyoming," with any ties going to the bigger city.

The safest city in Wyoming, based on our criteria, is Afton. The most dangerous city in Wyoming? Riverton, where residents had a 1 in 24 chance of being the victim of a crime.

This article has been update for 2023. This report marks our tenth time ranking the safest places to live in Wyoming. All the data comes from the FBI's Crime In The USA 2022 report.

Best Places To Raise A Family In Wyoming

Summary: The Safest Cities In The Equality State

Looking at the data, you can tell that Afton is as safe as they come in Wyoming, according to science and data.

But as most Wyoming residents would agree, almost every place here has its safe and not safe parts. So just make sure you're informed ahead of time.

Here's a look at the most dangerous cities in Wyoming according to the data:

  1. Riverton
  2. Cheyenne
  3. Gillette
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Where Are The 10 Safest Cities In Wyoming For 2023?

Rank City Population Violent Crimes Per 100k Property Crimes Per 100k Murders Per 100k Murders
1 Afton, WY 2,055 0 145 0 0
2 Kemmerer, WY 2,760 36 398 0 0
3 Worland, WY 4,817 62 539 0 0
4 Jackson, WY 10,932 73 768 0 0
5 Newcastle, WY 3,176 62 913 0 0
6 Thermopolis, WY 2,691 37 1,077 0 0
7 Glenrock, WY 2,396 125 751 0 0
8 Buffalo, WY 4,567 87 941 0 0
9 Laramie, WY 32,009 106 1,252 3 1
10 Green River, WY 11,435 192 795 17 2
11 Lander, WY 7,441 26 2,472 26 2
12 Douglas, WY 6,336 189 915 0 0
13 Cody, WY 10,281 213 875 0 0
14 Rock Springs, WY 22,914 170 1,256 0 0
15 Sheridan, WY 19,373 139 1,734 0 0
16 Mills, WY 4,239 165 1,698 0 0
17 Torrington, WY 6,145 146 2,245 0 0
18 Evansville, WY 3,046 98 2,921 0 0
19 Rawlins, WY 8,434 213 1,339 0 0
20 Powell, WY 6,484 323 1,233 0 0
21 Wheatland, WY 3,445 174 2,322 0 0
22 Evanston, WY 11,886 395 1,564 0 0
23 Casper, WY 58,244 212 2,848 3 2
24 Gillette, WY 32,320 324 1,967 0 0
25 Cheyenne, WY 64,941 278 3,635 0 0
26 Riverton, WY 10,623 611 3,407 9 1

Breaking Down Crime In The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities In Wyoming

Safest Cities in Wyoming Breakdown

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