These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Ohio

We used science to determine which places in The Buckeye State are the real pits.

Is Ohio a perfect place? Far from it. In fact, there are lots of places in The Buckeye State that are lousy.
In order to run an analysis on where the worst places in Ohio are located, we had to measure everything from crime, meth use, the local economy and even the public school funding.
The result? The 10 Worst Places To Live In Ohio. Enjoy the video below.

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22 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In Ohio

  1. This guy is funny Youngstown is not the worst I have plenty of friends who have great jobs including myself and at least I know I can walk down the streets at night and have no problems can’t say that about ,a lot of cities in ohio ,how about Akron that place is way worse then youngstown

  2. The one question no one has asked is why? These were all ‘steel’ towns. We lost our steel industry to foreign countries who sold it cheaper. Each one of the worst cities in Ohio were all once thriving, booming steel towns. Ask Detroit, MI who is to blame, they made it on Michigan’s worst city list. We have our government to blame for this terrible situation. The downfall of our country has been outsourcing.

    1. Outsourcing isn’t the real problem! You have no need to outsource anything if you can be competitive! Foreign steel is cheaper in more ways than one. The quality is “cheaper” because the standards and regulations of those foreign producers is lower. The production costs are much cheaper over there because overhead in general, i.e. tax burden, labor costs etc. are significantly lower! So multiple factors lead to products that are “cheaper” but still appealing to American consumers as a whole, PRIMARILY because they are also less expensive! The labor is “cheaper” because the workers there are highly productive even though they are incredibly underpaid. So guess what? They get to keep their jobs! American job loss can be contributed to greedy politicians(tax tax tax, spend spend spend!!) unions(extortionists) and overspecializing jobs(2-3 people to handle jobs that one person could handle) as equivocally as it can be blamed on greedy employers! Why wouldn’t a company go somewhere else if they can get a much better deal? If Youngstown politicians in the 70s(almost ALL Democrats!) had offset increased union labor costs by offering tax concessions with some of the steel makers when labor disputes happened. I bet many of those companies may have been willing to come to the bargaining table in good faith. Instead, for their greed(higher taxes, as well as higher incomes which leads to even more taxes and revenues) they got empty buildings, no taxes, no income revenue, job losses, soaring unemployment, population exodus, despair! Youngstown’s Detroit’s and many other blue collar towns/cities downfall were a direct result of Democrats corruption and greed! NOT the greed of the steel mills and other companies/corporations like has been portrayed. They stayed as long as they could until survival forced them to make hard choices. It’s like you going to a union affected car dealer and willingly paying more for a car that you can get at the car dealer in a different county across the street for thousands less. Sure it might have cheaper tires or be a slightly lighter paint color than you wanted, but it’s essentially the same. The price difference is labor costs and taxes! You don’t give a about any of that, you just want to spend less! If you don’t, you’re not very smart! Sorry but that’s just the truth!

      1. And before you try blaming “Rich Republicans” answer this question. What political party gets approximately 95% support of almost all unions? Not saying corporations and some rich people aren’t also at fault sometimes, but the objective of creating a business is to create wealth!

      2. Sorry, but German steel product quality put American steel to shame. And it is more cost effective. They offer a superior product at competitive prices.
        Choose another excuse other than inferior product quality. Germans simply have a superior work ethic. American work ethic doesn’t cut it the global market any longer.

        1. Bull lol Hines steel rules the market the goverment buys Chinese steel to build bridges with your tax dollars putting Americans out of work post facts or dint post

  3. Born and raised and still live in Conneaut! I happen to love my small town! And I have had the same job for 18yrs in a near by town called Kingsville. We have a close community that will come together at a drop of a dime. You ppl know nothing of our town. Shove it up your snotty a$$. We still hold doors for ppl and say please and thank you!! Go back to where you came from. Next time you do a study, go in depth ya jerk! Love a conneaut chic

    1. Drugs, drugs oh and drugs and also the small handful of rich people who has prevented any major businesses from coming in. Portsmouth could have been a growing community but they closed the doors and only let the drug dealers in.

    2. Portsmouth is corrupt bc of the way the police and judges and lawyers are. When you have a detective sleeping woith protitutes that shortly thereafter disappear and a judge that is buying coke but then arresting ppl for the same crime and police officers that don’t charge ppl for drugs and pocket it or pocket the money they catch ppl with I think that explains it.

  4. Everytime I read a post like this the ppl who reply are always full of hate and anger and get offended, then start calling names. Why do you let a post get to you, I would think you could rise above it and post something intelligent. I know I know I”m stupid and ignorant too.

  5. Class warfare – laissez faire “Neolibralism” the unfettered ,unregulated untaxed,privatization of public government by Wallstreet US Chamber of Commerce corporate elites AKA the scam Republican conservative trickle down economics is the root cause of Ohio, America’s, and the worlds problems.

  6. Why is canton ohio not on the list it’s on every other bad list I’ve ever seen number 2 bad under worst small cities!

  7. I am surprised as hell that Springboro is not on the list.
    Our Police Chief came from Battle Creek, MI, where he illegally wiretapped one of his Officer’s phones so he could keep tabs on him while he was banging the guys wife! He got fired, and Springboro hired him. Since then, the systemic corruption equates to nothing but a bully police force in a town with no crime other than seven (7) squad cars with guns drawn for every taillight out.

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