If You're From Pennsylvania, This Will Be The Most Eye-Opening Thing You See All Day. No Doubt.

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it…

If you live in Pennsylvania, you’ve probably driven past a number of falling and decaying buildings in the Philadelphia area. While these buildings are a sign of the times (industries can change on a dime), they are also quite fascinating and beautiful up close.
Here, we get a close up peek from the air of six of the coolest abandoned properties in Philadelphia: PECO Delaware Station, Willow Steam Plant, Spring Garden Public School, Quaker Storage Building, Dreuding Brothers Building, and the Richmond Power Station.
You’ll never look at downtown Philadelphia again.
Philly By Air is a production company in Philadelphia which has been capturing images in and around the Philly area for years now.

Abandoned Philadelphia from Philly By Air.

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