30 Things You Need To Know About Moving To Pennsylvania

Here are 30 things about that you’ll learn are completely true after spending just a little bit of time there

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1. If you’re not a sports fan, you soon will be.

Between Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, you have a ton of teams to follow. Steeler fans are notoriously snobs, since their team has a tradition of winning Eagles fans just got a Super Bowl title themselves. Then there’s hockey…

2. Most of your new friends will visit the Poconos.

There’s a ton of stuff to do in these mountains, no matter what season it is. Fall is beautiful. Winter is dazzling. And summers seem to bring out the best of everyone in PA.

3. You will sport one of three colors: Black, red or green.

The Steelers, Phillies and Eagles are all a big deal in PA. Get used to it. You’ll soon get used to being a hardcore fan about one of these teams. But beware – bandwagon fans who jump off the wagon when their team has a bad season are not welcomed.

4. You will never get sick of the Rocky theme song.

The movie was inspired by the city of Philadelphia, and it inspired the residents of Philadelphia, too. Rocky Balboa will always hold a special place in the hearts of people in Philly. You may even do the ‘step run’ selfie yourself one day.

5. You’ll get used to the callous people.

People in PA are a little rough around the edges. It’s not you, it’s them. So the next time someone gives you the cold shoulder, shine it on. You’ll grow on them one day.

6. Eventually, you’ll begin to loathe Groundhog Day.

In case you didn’t know, the groundhog sees its shadow every year in a small town in PA called Punxsutawney. People come from all over the world to watch it. You? Do it once.

7. You may gain some weight.

Between the cheesesteaks, the brats, the beer and the soft pretzels, Pennsylvanians don’t necessarily have a very healthy diet. Look around – all of those muffin tops and big bellies are there for a reason. That means you need to watch it, or you’ll gain ten pounds before you know it.

8. You’ll gain a new appreciation for Yuengling.

Made it Pottstown PA, it’s a local favorite. It’s actually really good, too. People actually drive from all over the region to come to pick up cases of Yuengling, because you can’t buy it in their home states.

9. You will likely gain a newfound sense of nationalism.

The Liberty Bell is here. The American glad was made here. Need we say more? People in PA are very nationalistic, and take pride in ‘Merica.

10. You will begin to hate the Ravens.

The Steelers/Baltimore Ravens rivalry is pretty hard core. People will fight in the stands. When you go to a Steelers tailgate, you’ll have plenty of people on your side, but Ravens fans still want to get under your skin. Don’t fall for it.

11. Learning how to pronounce city names will be a challenge.

With places like Conshohocken, Lancaster and Punxsutawney to trip you up, you’ll look like a transplant if you don’t learn the lingo.

12. There will be something called ‘Scrapple’ everywhere.

Try it. You’ll like it! It’s breakfast fun. It’s a longstanding tradition that you just might find yourself looking forward to at brunch.

13. You may almost hit a horse and buggy at some point.

The Amish are all over the place in PA. Those long, windy roads are dangerous.

14. It’s gonna be freaking cold. Get used to it.

Pennsylvania gets some really crazy winters. Especially if you’re near Erie (or Lake Erie). It’ll start snowing in December, and you may even see snow into April in PA. At some point, you just start to accept it and hunker down like everyone else.

15. You will have an endless amount of scenery to take in.

Autumn in PA is glorious. Summers are super pretty. Winters? White. Pennsylvania is pretty diverse – ranging from mountains to farmland. You can really see a lot when you take a drive in any direction.

16. If you like to drink wine, you came to the right place.

There are literally hundreds of places where you can visit wineries in the state of Pennsylvania. Drink up!

17. Don’t mess with the law enforcement here.

The Pennsylvania State Police don’t mess around. So wise up and listen.

18. Your new friends and neighbors will talk about Knoebels a lot.

It’s a super cool amusement park and destination where people picnic, camp and ride roller coasters.

19. If you hunt or fish, you will fit right in.

Deer hunting season begins in fall. Many of your co-workers will be ‘sick’ that day.

20. There will always be a place to swim.

Between the lakes, rivers and streams, the Keystone State has it goin’ on when it comes to places to cool off.

21. If you don’t go to Peddler’s Village during Christmas, you’re missing out.

Between the festivals, art, music and all-around holiday vibe, it’s a must visit during the month of December

22. If you love the Drive-In movie theaters, you’ll love it here.

PA has more outdoor movie theaters than any other place in the state. A big win for nostalgia.

23. Don’t call Pennsylvania a state. Call it a Commonwealth.

It’s compicated. It has to do with how every citizen has a common welfare. Or something like that.

24. Where you live may be complicated.

You’ll soon learn how to distinguish a borough from a county and a city and a township. It’s pretty complicated, and even after you think you understand it, you never really do. Even postal carriers get mixed up from time to time.

25. You paycheck might be a little smaller than you’re used to.

Everyone pays income tax and state taxes. Plus, in PA, you’ll pay what’s called a ‘local wage’ and a ‘service tax’. Yeah, it sucks.

26. People have weird dialects.

Depending on which part of the state you live in, you’ll find a very distinct language variation. Blame the early settlers. You’ll soon start to recognize which parts of the state people are from by how they talk. And they’ll do the same with you.

27. You may even start saying ‘Youse’.

It’s a PA thing. It means ‘you guys.’ At some point, you’ll notice that you’re using the phrase yourself. That’s when you know you’ve been here long enough to call yourself a PA native.

28. You may be overwhelmed when you first start driving here.

Merging onto the highways is nuts. Some merge lanes are long, and some are about 10 feet long. It can be really hard to get used to when you’re new. And the people in Pennsylvania aren’t very patient drivers. Just keep calm and keep truckin’ on.

29. The turnpike fees will really start to add up.

At least you can pay with a credit/debit card. That always makes things easier. But it’s never fun forking over hard-earned money just to drive on a damn highway, right?

30. The potholes will eventually wear you down.

Pennsylvania roads are really crummy. Most of that is because of the weather. See, the winter cold makes the roads expand, and cracks form. Then the salt trucks and plows come through. By spring time, the roads in PA are pretty much ruined. Then, the cycle starts all over again.

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